Worth Asset Management

Trying to predict the future direction of the market based on a myriad of data to choose from is an impossible task. We adjust our portfolios based on what actually happens in the market. We don’t fight the trend. While we adjust our portfolios to the best performing market segments, we never adjust our portfolio strategy. It works.



Trust and Transparency

You have goals and expectations for the future. You need an intelligent portfolio that is in alignment with your evolving goals. Worth Asset Management believes that the first piece of the financial puzzle involves a financial philosophy that is targeted toward long term growth with a strategy for tactical risk management. The second piece of the puzzle is to focus on a low cost, efficient financial instrument such as Exchange Traded Funds. The third piece of the puzzle is a financial advisor that shares your vision and goals with the independence to focus on unbiased decisions. This includes a management team that has the ability to implement a disciplined and strategic process and the experience to execute the strategy.

Targeted and Tactical

Worth Asset Management utilizes a targeted approach to indentify Exchange Traded Funds that are poised to increase in value and then applies disciplined and tactical management strategies to protect profits and minimize loss. We believe that a philosophy that seeks long term growth with downside protection is superior to a strategy that buys a pre-determined set of assets and then holds those investments without regard to changes in economic or market conditions.  Recovering from large losses may become more difficult for people who are in retirement or approaching retirement.

Strategic Investment Tools

The Tactical Portfolio is managed through a proprietary process of selecting assets that exhibit market leadership. The selection process includes sectors such as real estate, technology, health care, foreign countries, energy and bonds. The selections also include inverse funds that represent many of the same indexes and/or sectors. Our goal is to identify, screen and purchase assets such as Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) showing market leadership regardless of overall market direction or conditions.  Exchange Traded Funds offer intra-day liquidity, flexibility, efficiency and diversity.

Experience and Discipline

Teamwork is a dynamic process involving common goals and communication. Accomplishing goals requires discipline and a financial team that you can trust and depend on. Worth Asset Management has assembled a team of experienced and talented professionals to provide the best investment advice for their customers. We have drawn on the experience of our management team to become knowledgeable and proficient in the use of Exchange Traded Funds across a broad spectrum of asset classes, countries, and sectors in order to create and manage targeted and tactical investment portfolios.

Now is the Time to Call Worth Asset Management

It is time to let Worth Asset Management assist you toward your financial goals. It is time to focus on putting the pieces of your financial puzzle back together. It is time to think differently about your investments through the management of Worth Financial Group.

The Tactical Portfolio through Worth Asset Management offers:

  •  A strategic focus on growth in market sectors while using protective strategies
  •  Cost efficiency, flexibility and diversity using strategic investment tools
  •  Clear and concise communication and reporting in a fee based account

We invite you learn how Worth Asset Management could be the solution for managing your hard earned money. For information on how to speak to a member of our management team, click Contact Us.