Growth with risk management

The Worth Asset Management Tactical Portfolio utilizes a proprietary process of selecting assets such as Exchange Traded Funds that show market leadership. These assets include equity index funds designed for both up and down markets. They also include commodities (energy, metals, agriculture, materials), and global sectors such as real estate, technology, health care, finance and utilities. Risk management tools are then utilized with the goal of protecting profits and minimizing loss.

Managing costs through the use of efficient assets

Exchange Traded Funds provide the flexibility to adapt to changing market conditions through the strategic use of Fundamental and Technical Analysis.

Other benefits of Exchange Traded Funds:

  • Lower expense ratios vs. most mutual funds
  • Tax efficient structure
  • Diversification within a sector
  • Trading available intraday
  • Risk management tools

A Process With A Purpose

WAM Process

Discipline and Dedication

The Tactical Portfolio* is structured to offer the potential for protection and profits regardless of market conditions.  Rotations may include the use of long, short or cash positions and options may be used to enhance results.

* Past performance does not guarantee future results
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