Grow and Protect

It is time to think differently about your investments. As you focus on putting the pieces of your financial puzzle together, think about what you want from your portfolio in order to meet your retirement needs.

Portfolio Components

If you could take the very best ideas from across the financial markets and minimize the negative drawbacks, your portfolio might include:

  • TheInvestment Adviser upside opportunities of the markets like an annuity without worrying about penalties if you need to access your money
  • The potential for growth in the market even in bearish or down markets like a hedge fund without worrying about a lack of transparency in your investments
  • Tactical management strategies designed to minimize risk and protect profits actively managed by an experienced team working on your behalf

The goal of Worth Asset Management’s Tactical Portfolio is long term growth throughout all economic cycles. Our management process is designed to exploit market investment opportunities in a variety of assets through the use of investment vehicles such as Exchange Traded Funds. We believe that you are better served by an advisor that invests in market leading sectors and actively seeks to protect those assets by setting a predefined amount of risk.

Investing Style

So how is Worth Asset Management’s style of portfolio management different from other styles of management?

Trying to predict the future direction of the market based on a mired of data to choose from is an impossible task. Advising our clients has more to do with following a disciplined, goal oriented investment strategy based on proven track records than picking the hottest security or trying to predict the next market move.

Many managers invest based on a client’s age rather than on an individual’s unique needs. They invest heavily in equities when a client is younger and then move into fixed income as the client grows older. Many managers also hold assets without regard to changes in the market or the economy with the hope that at some point, one of the many assets they hold will increase in value. This style of management is known as Buy and Hold.

Targeted Assets with Tactical Management

Worth Asset Management takes a different approach by utilizing a three step Grow and Protect strategy.

  1. Seek and analyze sectors and assets that are poised to grow in value and outperform the overall market
  2. Create timed and targeted additions to the portfolio through fundamental and technical analysis
  3. Protect profits and limit loss with pre-defined risk management strategies

Buying and then holding onto investments when the market changes direction or the economy contracts can expose your portfolio to an excessive amount of risk. Recovering from large draw downs can be extremely difficult to overcome, especially as you approach retirement or if you are already in retirement.

The management team at Worth Asset Management believes in managing risk while seeking long term growth opportunities. The approach and decision making is grounded in objective research analysis and the recognition that we are responsible for helping our clients reach their financial goals.

We invite you learn how Worth Asset Management could be the solution for managing your hard earned money. Click on Tactical Portfolio Process to learn more about innovative tools for today’s investor.